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A bi-weekly icon challenge for all things Joss!
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This is a bi-weekly icon challenge community for all things Joss Whedon.
To a bi-weekly icon challenge community for all things created/directed by Joss Whedon. The challenges will include Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse, Dr. Horrible, and Firefly. We will also be able to icon the comics and have challenges dedicated to the actors (ex: Eliza, Alyson, David, etc).
The Rules
+ No animated icons (that's why it's called stillness)
+ You may enter up to FOUR icons in each challenge unless otherwise stated
+ Use only the caps provided unless otherwise stated in the post
+ Brushes, Blending, Textures and Text are all encouraged, unless otherwise stated
+ You may use caps more than once, provided they are cropped differently
+ Icons must be 100x100 pixels or smaller and conform to all Livejournal standards
+ No hotlinking
+ You cannot submit icons used in other/previous challenges
+ DO NOT post your entries on any other website until the winners are announced
Please Note: moderators may enter challenges and vote as well.
Submitting Entries and Voting
+ Comment on the post which announces the challenge to submit your entry(ies)
+ Comments will be screened for anonymity
+ Submitters will need an online photo hosting account such as photobucket
+ When submitting include the image itself PLUS the url. If you are unsure about this, contact the moderator. (please make sure to choose the appropriate link from photobucket (html coding AND URL.)
+ An extension may occur if we do not have enough entries.
+ Voting will last three days
+ Anyone can vote. You don't need to be a member of the community to do so.
+ Do not vote for yourself.
+ Feel free to invite your friends to vote, but do not tell them which icons belong to you.
+ If 3 or more icons tie in a challenge, we will post a tie breaker.
+ If your icons are involved in tie breaker voting, you do not need to vote.
+ Icons due: Tuesday 8:00 PM CST
+ Voting: Tuesday - Friday
+ New Challenge Post: Wednesday
+ Tie- Breaker Voting: Saturday
+ Winners Announcement: Saturday or Sunday
+ Banners posted within one week of announcing the winners
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Rules adapted from both dollhousestills and truebloodstills